About Graye's Dental Care

About Graye's Dental Care

Graye's Dental Care was established by Richard and Jennifer Graye almost 30 years ago with a mission to provide the highest levels of service and dental care in a friendly, supportive environment.

At Graye's Dental Care we provide complete dental care, from simple treatments and sound advice through to more complex dentistry. We are proud of the fact that we don’t need to advertise: our practice has grown from its humble beginnings in 1991 completely through recommendation by our patients.

Our team includes:

  • Richard Graye BDS (1986)

    Richard is a native of Huddersfield and did his dental training with Jenny in Wales. He is certain that his rapid hair loss can be attributed to the experience of working in a practice full of women! Richard spends his spare time playing hockey and helping out at Wakefield Hockey Club. As a keen motorcyclist, Richard enjoys nothing more in the summer months than a good blast round a race track - though he admits to usually getting overtaken by just about everyone and making James May seem positively Stig-like.

    General Dental Council 61283
  • Jennifer Graye BDS (1987)

    Hailing from Northern Ireland, Jenny came to Huddersfield for the better weather - and because she married Richard! If she wasn’t a dentist, Richard is certain she would be a Shoe Designer for Jimmy Choo, though Jenny prefers to think she would make an excellent Interior Designer. Outside of work Jenny's time is taken up looking after her family and showing the youngsters at the gym what real effort is!

    General Dental Council 62212
  • Mandy Curtis DCP (2007)

    Mandy Curtis, who is our Head registered Dental Nurse, has many years’ experience in dental practice and helps ensure the smooth running of Jenny's surgery. Mandy lives locally with her husband and in her spare time she enjoys socialising and yoga. During each summer she becomes a cricket groupie for a local team. We all agree - she also makes the best tea in the practice.

    General Dental Council 113243

  • Juliette Sproston RDH (2000)

    Juliette Sproston is an experienced Dental Hygienist who has worked at the practice (with breaks for maternity leave) since she qualified from Birmingham Dental Hospital in 2000.

    Her main role is to improve patients Oral Health and treat gum disease. She has good communication skills and particularly enjoys building up a rapport with patients, especially those who are nervous. Away from work, Juliette enjoys Zumba, and is coming to terms with the fact that her two young daughters have a better social life than she does!

    General Dental Council 5686

  • Cheryl Jackson RDH,RDT (2006)

    Cheryl Jackson is our Dental Therapist. As well as being a highly trained Hygienist, she is also qualified to perform other treatments such as fillings for adults and children. Cheryl also spearheads our preventative approach to dentistry. Commuting from Sheffield, Cheryl is at the practice on a Wednesday and Thursday. Outside of work she is a keen cyclist and the proud owner of a nutty cocker spaniel.

    General Dental Council 103669

  • Tom Jackson

    Tom joined the practice as an Apprentice Dental Nurse last year. Besides bringing the average age of the workforce down considerably, Tom can be found helping out in all surgeries during the course of the week. When he is not multitasking at work, he is dedicated to fitness and always finds time to wind down at the weekend. Sadly he supports Spurs and not a proper team like Huddersfield Town!

    General Dental Council 286630

  • Sinead Hine DCP (2010)

    Our practice manager Sinead is the first person most patients meet on arrival at the practice. She spends most of her time dealing efficiently with the non-clinical aspects of running the practice. Sinead is also a qualified as a Dental Nurse. When she isn’t at work Sinead enjoys quality time with her husband and daughter.

    General Dental Council 204104

  • Lucy Craven DCP (2013)

    Lucy is a qualified dental nurse who works with Richard.
    Away from work she enjoys spending time with her young son Louie, friends and family.

    General Dental Council 245694
  • Professional Registration

    Graye's Dental Care is regulated by the General Dental Council. This is the organisation which regulates dentists and dental care professionals in the United Kingdom. There are nine principles registered dental professionals must follow at all times:

    1. Put patients’ interests first
    2. Communicate effectively with patients
    3. Obtain valid consent
    4. Maintain and protect clients‘ information
    5. Have a clear and effective complaints procedure
    6. Work with colleagues in a way that is in the patient’ best interests
    7. Maintain, develop and work within your professional knowledge and skills
    8. Raise concerns if patients are at risk
    9. Make sure your personal behaviour maintains patients’ confidence in you and the dental profession.